P2E® is purely reputation-based. We rely on our delivery success to speak for itself, and highly value the feedback from our people, our clients and our partners. After all, your success is our success!

We have just completed our 25th Operational Performance Review and would simply not have been where we are today without the contribution and assistance provided by P2E.

CommissionerQueensland Corrective Services

The engagement of P2E has been the singular decision that has ensured that we have achieved success and matured as an organisation to this point.

CommissionerQueensland Racing Integrity Commission

iXsurvey is extremely happy with the services provided by P2E. They demonstrated a great understanding of our organisation and the interaction between P2E and the iXsurvey Management team helped in effectively developing our Strategic Plan.

Managing DirectoriXsurvey Australia Pty Ltd

P2E provided us with a high level overview of PRINCE2 and MSP Project Management processes. They demonstrated excellence in delivery, adopting a commonsense approach to project management. One of the most positive aspects was their ability to tailor the course content, presentation and delivery style to meet a diverse group of professionals.

Executive Director, Road & Rail SafetyTransport and Main Roads
  • The presenter was excellent!
  • Presenter’s knowledge was great.
  • I’m taking away (from the course) some good techniques for managing risks etc.
  • Very useful learning how to structure and govern a project.
  • Very helpful in understanding the process and management roles – of great relevance to my position.
  • The trainer’s attention to detail shows their dedication and experience.
  • Structure of course was good.
  • Manner of deliverance – the trainer does well to keep it interesting.
  • Supportive manner of teaching – very approachable.
  • Great real life examples.
Various Course Participants

P2E were engaged to undertake a sensitive program review with national implications. After meeting with a range of stakeholders they produced an honest reflection of the program’s performance with a series of recommendations which we acted on. This ultimately assisted us to meet our business outcomes and benefits within a compressed timeframe.

P2E were engaged to identify and implement requirements for establishing a new government organisation. The P2E team were very experienced and well versed in project management. Their forthright interaction with stakeholders and on-time delivery of reports enabled us to see and track all moving parts of the project. Nothing to improve on. 100% satisfied.

Director, Racing Reform TransitionQueensland Racing Integrity Commission

I take my hat off to the P2E Team; they knew what they were about, understood our needs and delivered!

DirectorQueensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

As Australia’s largest Building Society we needed to quickly not just learn the concepts of PRINCE2® but also required value adding services to assist its tailoring and to get a sense of how we might migrate to the new methodology from the old quite rapidly. P2E had the calibre of people and more flexible approach we were looking for… we were well prepared by the trainer who made it clear what was needed not just for the exam but for using the methodology for real projects straight away.

Heritage Building Society

We had the tools and the reports; even the dedicated resources but we were still not getting traction in our program of change, and its constituent projects. P2E showed us we were focusing on the wrong things, and in fact were creating, not removing barriers to success.

Supt., An Australian State Police Force

Although we had capable people, we didn’t have the capacity to deliver what we needed, when we needed it. P2E had the people with the right skills, with the right experience, who were available when we needed them, and who could fit into our way of doing things.

P2E got it right, first time!

A State Government Agency

P2E showed us which projects underway benefited the whole organisation, and which just benefited individuals or groups. This reduced wastage, deployed our resources where they really generated value for us, and showed us that there were whole chunks of work we didn’t realise we needed to do, in order to achieve our goals.

A Local Council

When we decided to do this project we jumped straight into listing tasks in our tool. We estimated timings and costs, and assigned people. We thought we were doing project management. How wrong we were. Luckily we realised things were not as they should be. P2E came in and immediately called a halt to what we were doing, gave us guidance, educated our team and held our hand. That saved our project. We delivered successfully, and our internal capability now positions us well for the next project.

A Major Australian Electricity Provider

It was about the ability of a group of individuals that listened, understood the issues and contextualised an approach that aligned with our businesses culture and maturity to get us back on track. They delivered an outstanding result and exceptional value for money!

A Commonwealth Government Agency

P2E helped us define a clear roadmap to achieve our Strategic Blueprint. They helped us focus on the things that delivered value and real, not hypothetical outcomes.

An Australian Federal Government Agency
  • Intrinsically interesting. Relaxed and good natured presentation. Good takeaways, though
  • Very informative talk on G20.
  • Excellent!
  • A very interesting topic clearly showing how well things can work with good planning. Enjoyable presentation. Thank you!
  • Fascinating case study – very honest and open presenters.
  • Very interesting story. Engaging.
  • Very interesting – a real eye opener – good balance.
Various AttendeesArk Group Australia Change Management for the Public Sector Forum
  • Would love a copy to go over; useful and relatable.
  • P2E obviously knows their stuff.
  • Couldn’t read a lot of the PowerPoint slides.
  • The exercise was useful. P2E are very knowledgeable. The info was themed appropriately
    and definitely useful.
  • The entire presentation was well planned, provided useful tools and enjoyable.
  • P2E are extremely knowledgeable.
  • Inclusion of union complexities and addressing engagement to staff. So good to see real
    examples of what another Gov org has done. Insight good for my EBA project now!
  • The presentation was in line with what I want to get out of a workshop.
  • Great workshop activity at the end.
Various AttendeesArk Group Australia Strategic Internal Communication Forum

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 2

2 Do what we sayWe do what we say we will do.

Reason 7

7 Rectify ProblemsIf we get something wrong, we will rectify it!

Reason 10

10 Experience

We have been around since 2009 as a company, but the experience of our core employees spans many decades.

Reason 16

16 Proven ResourcesWe only use proven resources, lead by our proven core team leads.

Reason 4

4 We don't hideWe don’t hide.  We are contactable and always consider you a priority.

Reason 17

17 Dynamic & Flexible

Our dynamism, flexibility and expertise trumps large organisation cookie cutter approaches.