P3 Health Checks

At any point in time of a Program’s or Project’s life, the governing Board needs to assure themselves they are operating appropriately, that progress is being made on time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefit, and that suppliers are meeting their obligations, and that information the Board is getting is accurate, timely and of a meaningful nature that supports effective decision making.

Health Checks can focus on the delivery environment and compliance to your Quality Management System and chosen Program/Project Management method, even if it is contextualised for your organisation and/or the quality of the content and output that is being produced or being used for decision making.

From an environment perspective, P2E® has its own propriety tools to assess and report on performance of your program or project against international standards around program and project management methods (e.g. PRINCE2®, MSP®, Agile, PMBoK® etc).

The reports resulting from these assessments highlight good and poor practices (at the supplier, project and board layers), recommendations for improvement, as well as the identification of key issues or risks.  Contact us for more information!

Health checks from a content perspective usually revolve around the business case, issues and risks and stakeholder engagement.  Here is where P2E can offer a:

  • Surface Skim (which, from an overview perspective, checks the initiative is going in the intended direction, and/or still makes sense to the organisation)
  • Shallow Review (which confirms the medium-level claims and supporting evidence underpins continued investment and strategic objective achievement)
  • Deep Dive (which gathers detailed evidence and confirms the current performance and/or intended outcomes and benefits are realistic given the intended solution, current performance, and that stakeholders are appropriately identified and engaged)


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13 Continuous ImprovementOur focus on continuous improvement drives us to deliver quality outcomes for your organisation every time.

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1 Transparency

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19 ValueWe offer exceptional value for money.

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5 ContactWe commit to have regular contact with you – at both the initiative and general levels.

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7 Rectify Problems

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