Ego P3 Scenario Optimiser

Acuitas are a strategic partner of P2E® and providers of the Evidence Guided Optimisation Investment Decision Support (ΣGO IDS™) solution developed by Acuitas. ΣGO IDS™ provides considerable breadth and depth of project-portfolio management functionality that is both innovative and robust. Project-portfolios represent an organisation’s investment in change, which needs to be properly managed in order for the organisation to successfully execute on its strategy. ΣGO IDS™ integrates best-of-breed technologies in the areas of Commercial Mathematics, Big Data visualisation and Model Driven Architecture to deliver a powerful portfolio scenario development environment that enables project-portfolio decision-making.

ΣGO IDS™ enables project-portfolio decision-making that will be aligned with organisational strategy, clearly identifying all underpinning assumptions, ensuring total transparency for investment governance and audit requirements. ΣGO IDS™ also provides transparency of information with respect to traceability and defensibility of investment decisions.

The sections in this document provide an overview of ΣGO IDS™ as well as its core areas of functionality, which are:

  • Portfolio Investment Selection
  • Portfolio Scenario Development
  • Portfolio Stress Testing
  • Portfolio Investment Strategy.

ΣGO IDS™ provides organisations with the opportunity to achieve third party verified level 4 maturity (Optimisation), as specified in the Portfolio Management capability maturity model (CMM).

For a demonstration or further understand of the ΣGO IDS™, call one of our expert Consultants or contact us.

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