Are your programs and projects supporting/doing the right things? 

Is there an element of doubt that all is not what it seems? 

How do you know?

P2E’s Assurance services offer independent supporting to the decision making process in the absence of adequate evidence. It applies to any aspect of Portfolio, Program or Project justification, delivery, management or environment and is used to identify, gather and assess evidence on the governing body’s behalf, leading to recommendation formulation, submission and subsequent review by the relevant decision makers.

Basically put, P2E® provides an evidence-based level of confidence that your initiative will or is (or not) proceeding to expectation, and is managed in a sustainable and appropriate way.

Our Assurance specialists provide an objective and constructive review of any component of your initiative that you need, using P2E propriety tools and techniques. We offer comprehensive qualitative and quantitative assessments across many common areas which include, but are not limited to:

  • Board Decision Support
  • Strategies, Plans and Business Cases
  • Commercial & Contract Management
  • Business Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Maturity Assessments and Initiative Health checks
  • Methodology Compliance
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supplier Capability and Capacity
  • Risk Management and Controls
  • Validity of Reported Information

Our recommendations will keep your initiative moving in the right direction and often identify ways for enhanced outcome achievement and benefit realisation. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Other assurance services P2E offers include:

  • Gateway Reviews
  • P3 Health Checks (project environment, governance, controls, evidence, method contextualisation);
  • Program and Project surface skim, shallow and deep dive reviews
  • P3 Business maturity assessments
  • Board Advisory (method, content, solution, Business Case)

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 17

17 Dynamic & FlexibleOur dynamism, flexibility and expertise trumps large organisation cookie cutter approaches.

Reason 14

14 Well ConnectedWe are very well connected. Use our network!

Reason 2

2 Do what we say

We do what we say we will do.

Reason 7

7 Rectify ProblemsIf we get something wrong, we will rectify it!

Reason 18

18 TransformationOur award-winning capability is repeatable and underpins skills transfer to your organisation.

Reason 6

6 Single Contact

We have a single point of contact as the first responder to your needs.