Is your PMO a barrier or an enabler to your success?

Does it align with your business maturity?

Our experience tells us that many organisations think putting in a Program/Project Management Office (PMO) structure or tool magically delivers its benefits! It is common sense that attempting to deliver Projects and Programs (and indeed Portfolios) without an appropriate supporting mechanism significantly reduces the likelihood of Business Case success, outcome achievement and benefit realisation.

But using the wrong PMO type can be just as bad!

We understand that different types of initiatives need different types of PMOs—one type does not fit all—a common mistake many organisations (and providers) make. Does your PMO need a reporting; a controlling or a capability creation and sustainment function—or all of these things? A different structure, skills, controls and approach is needed for each. P2E® can help you get the balance right for your environment and organisational maturity.

Recognising the nature of your initiative, its leadership, governance model, delivery environment, priority and business criticality are just some of the factors that change what your PMO needs to do, enable and support.  All whilst supporting enterprise-wide dependency management, risk and issue management, skills development, facilitation and assurance activities.

After all, its focus is to ensure your Projects and Programs are engaging the right stakeholders and doing the right things at the right time to the right quality, always with outcome achievement and benefit realisation as the driving force.

P2E is often asked to recover non-performing PMOs. Of course we can do this. However, we hope we can get you off on the right foot with new initiatives as well! P2E has the right skills, people, best practice knowledge and experience to help you focus on enabling, not blocking the PMO services best suited to your specific business need.  Let us help you ensure your PMO gives you the value-add services you need!

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 5

5 ContactWe commit to have regular contact with you – at both the initiative and general levels.

Reason 13

13 Continuous ImprovementOur focus on continuous improvement drives us to deliver quality outcomes for your organisation every time.

Reason 14

14 Well Connected

We are very well connected.  Use our network!

Reason 19

19 ValueWe offer exceptional value for money.

Reason 3

3 PartnershipsWe form and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.  It is a goal that demonstrates our commitment to partnerships and trusted advisors rather than just suppliers.

Reason 11

11 Contextualisation

We always contextualise to your environment, doing what we need to do but using your language.