Initiative Change Management

Transformational business change appears to be a very hot topic within the consultancy sector.

Transformation = Change

Therefore, it’s extremely important that we understand that transformational change can occur across several layers of an organisation. Transformation can be targeted across the enterprise layer and transcend as low as a business stream or skilled resource level. Transformation only occurs if we change state and evolve.

Initiative change management is more targeted and applies traditionally at the project layer. This can ascend through to the program layer where large scale change is being undertaken, where several initiatives contribute towards the outcomes and benefits of a larger body of work.

P2E® staff have been successfully deployed into our client sites to assist with shaping change management activities necessary to deliver successful initiatives into the business. Our Change Managers, Change Analysts and Communication Officers leverage our in-house methodology eVolute® to assist with framing a well-structured Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy with an underpinning Communication’s Plan that aligns with an agreed initiative (Project) delivery roadmap. Remember that change management doesn’t happen in isolation and forms part of an integrated project delivery environment.

If you would like to discuss and understand what initiative change management success looks like, please call one of our expert consultants.

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