P2E® offers all of its services in many modes – delivery, recovery, assurance and through consulting.  P2E’s consulting services are the same as we leverage in all of the other modes of adding value to your organisation – they are just provided on an ad-hoc basis.

Use us in any way you need.  For example, we are often used to facilitate strategic planning sessions, or to structure, plan and commence programs and projects in a rigorous way, and then hand over to the organisation for execution.  Sometimes we are just used a sound-boards, to help decision makers make consistent and sustainable program/project level decisions.  Sometimes we are used to ensure programs and projects are formally closed properly and lessons analysed and leveraged back into the organisation.

Leverage our expertise, experience and network to your benefit!

P2E is an Axelos Consulting Partner.

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 3

3 PartnershipsWe form and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.  It is a goal that demonstrates our commitment to partnerships and trusted advisors rather than just suppliers.

Reason 11

11 ContextualisationWe always contextualise to your environment, doing what we need to do but using your language.

Reason 17

17 Dynamic & FlexibleOur dynamism, flexibility and expertise trumps large organisation cookie cutter approaches.

Reason 6

6 Single ContactWe have a single point of contact as the first responder to your needs.

Reason 13

13 Continuous ImprovementOur focus on continuous improvement drives us to deliver quality outcomes for your organisation every time.

Reason 10

10 Experience

We have been around since 2009 as a company, but the experience of our core employees spans many decades.