Delivery and Recovery

Initiative Delivery is where you retain carriage of performance, expected outcomes and benefits.  Recovery is where we take carriage of performance and expected outcomes, once an initiative has been commenced, but the Governing Board deems it to have gone off track.

P2E® are very well versed in both aspects of assisting you achieve your goals.  Having said that, our underlying reputation is in the recovery space.

Project Delivery

Projects exist in order to create or change capability.  The effective management of this capability (created or otherwise) requires expertise and skills that are sometimes lacking or unavailable in your organisation.

We often come across organisations that have just assigned the ‘next person free’ as a manager of a project. This does NOT mean they are Project or Program Managers, even though they will do their best!  You need to have the right person for the right role, given the investment you are making in the project – and naturally you want it to successfully deliver the capability you need, fit for purpose in a manner that meets the business case and delivers organisational value.

You may need assistance in identifying or appointing a suitable Program/Project Manager or other roles – P2E can help!  Alternatively, we can also mentor and/or coach your existing role holders so that they can develop or enhance their own skills and competencies.

Program Delivery

Programs exist to enable transformational change in the organisation.  These changes enable Outcomes that effect the way you do business or deliver your services, such that Benefits (value) will be realised over time.

The effective management of these changes and resultant outcomes and benefits is a balancing act that requires very strong and pro-active engagement, communication and persuasion skills.  It also requires an understanding of the organisation’s business functions, blueprint, roadmap for change and how the particular program supports them.  It consumes time – something senior personnel have limited supplies of.

P2E can assist with the provision of experienced Senior role holders who are specialists in embedding change into organisations. Based our proven Program Management and Transformational change professionals, delivery resources and our proven experiences, P2E enjoys an excellent reputation for Program Delivery.

Whether it be invention (new capability) or innovation leveraging existing capability in better ways, programs and projects need to be delivered.  We are multi-award winners in this arena.  Leverage our learnings, skills and capability to help you the same way.


Sometimes programs and projects do not go to plan and veer off course due to any number of internal and external factors.

P2E’s Recovery Teams specialise in working with organisations to create a sustainable recovery structure that gets work back on track with controls that grows your internal capability so that it stays on track. We understand the sensitivities involved with recovery activities and work collaboratively with you to achieve the best possible outcomes while minimising management overhead.  In doing so we engage at the senior layer to effect timely decisions, but also take responsibility for performance from that point onward, as well as accountability for agreed outcomes.

While recovery activities can be notoriously complex, P2E bases it on three core principles:

1 Understanding where you are

Through the engagement of relevant governance bodies and key stakeholders, P2E will initially perform a Program/Project Health check and/or Shallow Dive to understand the root causes of your problems. We ascertain the current status, identify and validate the issues and risks as well as the current management plans, project documentation, stakeholder perceptions, capability within the project team and organisational maturity.

We articulate the root causes to any service performance issues or gaps you might have, and recommend corrective actions, or better yet, turn them into opportunities!

“It was about the ability of a group of individuals that listened, understood the issues and contextualised an approach that aligned with our businesses culture and maturity to get us back on track. They delivered an outstanding result and exceptional value for money!” Commonwealth Government Agency

2 Understanding where you want to be

Sometimes your strategic objectives and current capability don’t always align. Depending on your goals, P2E can assess and rectify any disconnects, provide skills transfer supported by mentoring and/or coaching.

This assessment will show clearly:

  • Alignment to strategic and operational plans
  • Initiatives that are no longer valid
  • Strategic goals targeted, but which not be met through current undertakings, and
  • A basis for forward prioritisation and effective resource allocation.

3 Developing a recovery plan for success and sustainably bridging the gap


Understanding your current and target states allows P2E to deliver the best possible outcomes for you. These might not necessarily be what was originally planned. We separate what creates value from the noise generators, and produce a way forward that will actually deliver results i.e. evidence based outputs of value, agreed business outcomes and realisable benefits.

P2E’s recovery personnel are highly trained but practically experienced Transformational Change and P3 Practitioners who work with your people to implement the identified recovery activities. Just some of the areas they consider include governance restructuring, methodology alignment that’s contextualised against the business maturity level, detailed planning and scheduling, and roles and responsibilities alignment. Although getting work back on track while conscious of business overhead is a primary focus, we ensure that we also build your internal capability along the way—so it stays on track.

Check out our Proven Outcomes for an idea of some of the initiatives we have delivered or recovered.

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 19

19 ValueWe offer exceptional value for money.

Reason 17

17 Dynamic & FlexibleOur dynamism, flexibility and expertise trumps large organisation cookie cutter approaches.

Reason 9

9 Understand you needs

We won’t start until we understand your needs, your governance, and your culture.

Reason 7

7 Rectify ProblemsIf we get something wrong, we will rectify it!

Reason 11

11 ContextualisationWe always contextualise to your environment, doing what we need to do but using your language.

Reason 3

3 Partnerships

We form and maintain long-term relationships with our clients.  It is a goal that demonstrates our commitment to partnerships and trusted advisors rather than just suppliers.