Client Advocacy

Sometimes keeping hands-off from your suppliers affords your organisation opportunity to better negotiate and manage difficult situations (including non-performance).  P2E® offers to be your representative when dealing with third parties in programs and projects associated with equipping your organisation.  P2E is very well regarded in our dealings with major organisations, including government, and we often act as Trusted Advisors.  Why?  Because we have a vested interest in your success, and our reputation hangs on it.

We have to earn your respect in that regard, but that is our goal!

Look at the 20 Reasons Why P2E? – these give you an idea of our values and commitment to you.

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 12

12 ReputationWe are purely reputation based.  We know and understand our success is based on your success.

Reason 18

18 TransformationOur award-winning capability is repeatable and underpins skills transfer to your organisation.

Reason 8

8 Australian

We are proudly an Australian company.

Reason 16

16 Proven ResourcesWe only use proven resources, lead by our proven core team leads.

Reason 17

17 Dynamic & FlexibleOur dynamism, flexibility and expertise trumps large organisation cookie cutter approaches.

Reason 13

13 Continuous Improvement

Our focus on continuous improvement drives us to deliver quality outcomes for your organisation every time.