Performance Management

Performance management is often viewed as a mechanism to improve results through evidence-based decision making, continuous organisational learning with a focus on performance accountability. Performance management within a mature organisation is integrated across all aspects of the business, taking into consideration many facets including strategic objectives, operational outcomes, organisational structure and resource profile, management and policy making processes and fiscals. This is critical to ensure that any transformational activities specific to the organisations business practices is focused on achieving improved results to ensure the organisation can meet executive and key stakeholder expectations, maintain competitiveness and sustainability.

Performance based management is evidentiary by nature and requires measurements specific to the businesses core objectives . Performance management is to no avail without quality statistical performance data being recorded and captured. Understanding how your organisation compares with similar natured businesses requires a degree of benchmarking activities to be conducted to allow a comparative analysis to better understand how you are currently performing and if change is needed. This information contributes to an integrated approach to financial, resource and asset planning that will allow your business to undertake goal oriented improvements and facilitate the governance of operations through the proactive use of business intelligence.

P2E® has developed a framework that is adaptable across multiple sectors and utilises existing data that will be collated, cleansed and validated as a single point of truth. The development of relevant measures and benchmarks will align operational and corporate functions allowing detailed drill down of information as needed. The framework will provide an enterprise wide view of organisational performance which will deliver comparative analysis of operations to inform planning and strategic decision making, based on real time performance data and attributes.


P2E have worked closely with our clients to deliver enterprise level Performance Management Frameworks to enable improved delivery of effective and efficient services that maximise key stakeholder expectations and meet strategic demands. Call one of our Consultants to know more.

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3 PartnershipsWe form and maintain long-term relationships with our clients. It is a goal that demonstrates our commitment to partnerships and trusted advisors rather than just suppliers.

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12 ReputationWe are purely reputation based.  We know and understand our success is based on your success.

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6 Single ContactWe have a single point of contact as the first responder to your needs.

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18 TransformationOur award-winning capability is repeatable and underpins skills transfer to your organisation.

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9 Understand you needsWe won’t start until we understand your needs, your governance, and your culture.