P2E Win QLD AIPM Prestigious Awards

P2E have been recognised by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) for their recent nominations in the Organisational Change Category for Queensland Project Management Achievement Awards. P2E have taken out the heavily contested Organisational Change category and to cap the nights festivities off, won the overall Project of the Year Award for the Queensland Police Service Renewal Program. P2E staff celebrated the night with family members and key Project team members from the QPS.

Further to this, P2E also qualified for the National Awards that were held in Perth, where they were finalists for the Organisational Change Category and the National Project of the Year.

P2E played an integral role in the QPS Renewal Program and worked very closely with the QPS Executive and key team members to structure a significant program of work that delivered the following capability within a very compressed timeframe (6 month period):

  • 8 Regions to 5
  • 31 Districts to 15;
  • Creation of Patrol Groups within Districts;
  • Dissolution of the Administration Division with key functions absorbed into other areas of Corporate Support;
  • Creation of the Strategy, Policy and Performance Portfolio;
  • Creation of 5 new Commands;
  • Moving from a De-centralised model to a Centralised model:
    • business review, research, policy and projects;
    • child protection offender register officers;
    • disaster management;
    • dog squad;
    • water police;
    • education and training;
    • human resource, finance and business support, information and communication technology;
    • intelligence;
    • legal services and police prosecutions;
    • major and organised crime squads and drug squads;
    • police communication centres, media and public affairs along with support for community engagement programs;
    • PCYC;
    • radio electronics;
    • scientific, scenes of crime and fingerprints;
    • stock and rural crime investigators; and
    • traffic branches.
  • Removal of a layer of management (Chief Superintendent, Operation Coordinator);
  • 7 Enabling Strategies;
  • Creation of District Electronic Evidence Technicians;
  • Professional Practice Managers assigned to each of the 15 districts;
  • Delegations changed to ensure all managers are given greater delegated powers to make decisions more quickly to enable effective;
  • decision making, action and accountability;
  • Volunteer Redundancy Process for Commissioned Officer and Staff Members;
  • Alignment of new organisational structure with new HR position numbers for new, amended and redundant roles;
  • Modification of the core QPS Backend ICT systems;
  • Upgrade of the Aurion Payroll System.