Salvos 2018  2nd%20May%20Red%20Shield%20Appeal%20Launch%20Breakfast%202018%20-%20%20(6)_preview_jpeg  2nd%20May%20Red%20Shield%20Appeal%20Launch%20Breakfast%202018%20-%20%20(663)_preview_jpeg

2nd%20May%20Red%20Shield%20Appeal%20Launch%20Breakfast%202018%20-%20%20(29)_preview_jpeg  2nd%20May%20Red%20Shield%20Appeal%20Launch%20Breakfast%202018%20-%20%20(41)_preview_jpeg 2nd%20May%20Red%20Shield%20Appeal%20Launch%20Breakfast%202018%20-%20%20(124)_preview_jpeg

P2E Director Todd Hunt (pictured 2nd from the right) celebrated the launch of this years Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal at the Ipswich Civic Centre on Wednesday 2nd May 2018. A record crowd attended this years event that included Government and industry leaders of Ipswich. To see so many come together again to help the Salvos give hope where it is needed most was simply amazing. Attendees witnessed some of the amazing work the Salvos do within our communities and heard some very moving testimonials.

As sponsors of this event and having seen first hand the amazing work the Salvos perform, P2E Directors Geoff Crooks and Todd Hunt encourage everyone to support this years Red Shield Appeal. Todd made comment:

“never before have so many of our communities most vunerable been in need! Please dig deep, you would be shocked at what a few dollars can achieve.”