Business Case Lifecycle Management

We are in a world where you have to do more with and for less.  Making sure the resources to be consumed in an initiative represent on-going best value to your organisation requires more than a guestimate approach!  We all know the conventional approach of defining a business case to get authority to spend and consume, and then ignoring as to whether it remains a valid decision in the light of your changing organisation context and environment is a recipe for disaster and shredding resources.

P2E® has a well-established process around robust Business Case development, documentation, presentation and maintenance.  This process includes:

  • Building a justification that encapsulates the organisations’ challenges and goals, and demonstrating strategic alignment
  • Baselining and costing current performance
  • Defining and costing targeted processes and performance
  • Using our Benefits Lifecycle Management Framework, identifying, defining, valuing and assessing intended outcomes and benefits that justify the project, as well as in the light of changes to the organisation/program/project environment
  • Using our Options Analysis Framework, identifying, assessing and prioritising options, making sure a complete understanding of different ways to achieve intended outcomes and their implications
  • Using our Stakeholder Management Framework, identifying key internal and external stakeholders, their influences and management styles, necessary for sustainable improvements
  • Using our Risk Management Framework, identifying and managing Benefit and Delivery risks, each under opportunity and threat mitigations
  • Using our Financial Management Framework, define and articulate return on investment and other financial justifications to support robust decision making in your organisation

20 Reasons why P2E should be your partner of choice...

Reason 9

9 Understand you needsWe won’t start until we understand your needs, your governance, and your culture.

Reason 5

5 ContactWe commit to have regular contact with you – at both the initiative and general levels.

Reason 1

1 Transparency

We are open book on our fees.  Transparency and auditability are important to us.

Reason 15

15 Outcome FocusedWe are outcome focused…not just consumers of resource.

Reason 19

19 ValueWe offer exceptional value for money.

Reason 11

11 Contextualisation

We always contextualise to your environment, doing what we need to do but using your language.