Gateway Reviews


Gateway Reviews are part of a structured, internationally recognised framework for providing independent assurance to a governing body that the undertaking remains robust and positioned to support success, and remains strategically aligned, if the organisation’s decision is to continue.  Gateway Reviews are best suited to procurement focused, technically complex, business critical or high-profile undertakings.

  • Gate 0 Strategic Assessment
  • Gate 1 Business Justification
  • Gate 2 Procurement Strategy
  • Gate 3 Investment Decision
  • Gate 4 Readiness for Service
  • Gate 5 Benefits Realisation

Gates 0 and partially 5 are usually managed form the Program layer, performed as appropriate, whilst Gates 1 through 4, and partially 5 are managed at the Project layer.

P2E® has a number of experienced, certified Gateway Reviewers on staff (both Leads and Team Members), and has performed numerous gate reviews for a variety of clients.  Contact us for more information.

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